December Update; New A64 Proposals and Lawsuit Status

Season’s Greetings!  Thank you for the past and continuing support of the 64 Allandale case.  This end of year email provides a recap of the lawsuit history and information on events since the last posting in Sepember.
In March 2017 Allandale St abutters filed a lawsuit challenging City zoning approvals of the 50+ variances needed to build an 18-unit townhome development at 64 Allandale next to the Allandale Woods. The site is zoned single-family residential. 
The adjacent Springhouse Senior Living Community has brought a separate lawsuit challenging these variances. The Springhouse lawsuit includes arguments addressing 64 Allandale project harm to the bordering conservation area (established by Springhouse as part of their development approvals).
In September, Allandale St. abutters survived an initial challenge to their standing brought by the City of Boston.

New Events
The developer has now provided alternative proposals to Allandale Plaintiffs and members of the public including Springhouse residents.
In early December Coalition representatives reviewed and discussed these proposals; Springhouse residents have independently considered the proposals in order to advise their Board. 
Copies of the proposals and a summary of the Springhouse meeting are linked below (Please note that the option labeled "As of Right" is the developer's interpretation and not a certified zoning-compliant site plan.)

Notes from the Wonder Group Meeting at Springhouse Nov. 30th
Option A (18 Unit)
Option B (“As of Right”)
Option C (Urban ”Farm”)

The position agreed on among the Coalition is that the developer’s effort to present alternatives is welcome and that, among the alternatives, only a single-family, zoning compliant option can be the basis for further negotiation, as the others all have density far in excess of what is allowed in the Allandale neighborhood district.
The Coalition agreed that this position should serve as the baseline for further discussion with the developer leading to a mutually agreeable development plan at 64 Allandale, but if this resolution does not occur, the Coalition is fully prepared to continue financial support of the pending lawsuit.
The Coalition's position was communicated to the resident plaintiffs. The Coalition's position is advisory and is not binding on the resident plaintiffs. There will be further updates if any further discussion between resident plaintiffs and the developer through their respective attorneys results in a new public site plan. Should Springhouse residents release a public position, this will be forwarded to the Coalition email list.
Any comments or questions on the above or requests to join the Coalition email list are welcome; please direct them to the Allandale Coalition information email:

The wide support in protecting Allandale Woods and the integrity of residential neighborhood zoning has been essential to this sustained effort. Thank you and best wishes for the holidays and the New Year.