90 Allandale Street has been listed for sale


The property was the long-time home of Robert Fraser and family. Bob was a leading Boston attorney and a generous man who gave quietly to civic and philanthropic causes for many years.


 While 90 Allandale is currently being presented as an opportunity for single-family enjoyment, the current real estate development culture in Boston is such that the property may have interest from developers seeking to build multiple units on the site.
Neighbors along Allandale St. understand the interest of any seller in seeking maximum value for their property.
At the same time, residents intend that any development along Allandale Street adhere to the natural resource and planning protections in place for the area (Zoning Map)

For example, a prior high-density development concept prepared for 90 Allandale by a marketing firm was entirely unacceptable, as was the 20-unit townhome proposed next door at 64 Allandale.  https://bit.ly/2z6LSgJ and https://bit.ly/2DDUqiY 

Bob Fraser himself opposed the 64 Allandale development as entirely out of keeping with the Allandale neighborhood and contrary to long-standing planning provisions for this residential district:  https://bit.ly/2zQZGLS
The 64 Allandale City approvals of December 2016 remain in litigation.

 The 90 Allandale property borders the Allandale Woods Conservation lands, and the property itself has stream and wetland buffer areas of ecological significance as well as great scenic appeal.  (Topographical Map)
As the 90 Allandale offering proceeds, residents look forward to a new single family owner or to responsible, sustainable development guided by the legal protections in place for the Allandale neighborhood, its historic character and natural resources.
Prospective buyers are encouraged to learn about the history of this area as they perform all necessary due diligence; the Allandale Coalition email is thefoawcoalition@gmail.com
The Coalition continues to encourage the City to focus on needed affordable housing and to direct density to sites near public transit and walkable main street districts via a true neighborhood consensus process.