Fall 2018 Updates

64 Allandale Update.
Residents' zoning lawsuit against the City's approval of 18 townhomes at 64 Allandale has been assigned a hearing date of January 9, 2019. The hearing is to consider the Motion for Summary Judgment; this may result in a final decision on the case at the Superior Court level or a ruling to proceed with a full Superior Court trial. A link to the "Notice to Appear":  

The Springhouse lawsuit remains active while proceeding on a separate track. The Springhouse, Inc lawsuit is scheduled for a final pre-trial conference October 16, 2018.  

Our goal from the outset has been to protect Allandale Woods and ensure the integrity of neighborhood planning requirements. We have encouraged the City to focus on needed affordable housing and direct density to locations near public transit via a true neighborhood consensus process.

The 64 Allandale case will set a critical precedent for future development at 90 Allandale and at other sites. This precedent will be especially important as the City has recently announced its intention to focus future housing development in outlying neighborhoods.

Invitation to Genie Beal Allandale Footpath Dedication Thurs Oct 18, 3pm
Genie Beal was founding Chair of the Boston Conservation Commission and later a resident of Springhouse Senior Living Community. Springhouse and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department have sent an invitation to the Footpath Dedication invite flyer 

90 Allandale Street. 
The 2-acre property at 90 Allandale - immediately next to 64 Allandale and Allandale Woods -  has been offered for sale as a development opportunity for 19 townhome units. A maximum of 5 homes is allowed on the site.
The Mass Department of Environmental Protection has issued a determination of natural resources on the site, finding that a stream on the property connects to a wetland within Allandale Woods. (A copy of the MassDEP finding)

Friends of Allandale Woods together with residents submitted a letter and supporting technical materials documenting site resources and their natural connections with Allandale Woods. As at 64 Allandale, the purpose is to protect the Woods and the integrity of neighborhood planning requirements.

1225 Centre Street
4 condominium units have been proposed on a site next to Sophia Snow Place senior living community and immediately bordering the Woods, wetlands and vernal pool. This small, 13,000 sq ft parcel is zoned "Conservation Protection Subdistrict"; a maximum of 1 unit is allowed on the site under this designation. The property is entirely within the wetland buffer zone.

Sophia Snow Place and the developer have been engaged in discussion about possible future use of the site; the developer's application has been put "on hold" while these discussions are ongoingFriends of Allandale and residents support Sophia Snow Place efforts to reach mutually agreeable resolution at this site of ecological significance.