Next steps on 64 Allandale development

On Monday April 25th, the Wonder Group presented their latest plan for development of the 64 Allandale Road parcel at the BRA Community Meeting.  Over 140 concerned citizens attended as the developers presented a slightly modified version of their plan which faced overwhelming opposition from the community.  The BRA welcomes your formal comments, via email to Chris Tracy, the BRA liaison for this project until May 5th
The developer has made a few modifications to her plan; the first is to  move the southest cluster of townhouses to the northwest to maintain the legally required 100' buffer from the new DEP wetland designation and avoid review by the Conservation Commission (however no clearing and grading plan has been provided to show that the wetland buffer will, in fact, be undisturbed), the second is to change the roadway surface to permeable pavers and adding smaller bioswales throughout the development to contain runoff onsite and the third is to relocated the fire truck turnout between the southern townhouse clusters.  The developers pledged to have public access to the Woods from their road and a path/stairway by the fire truck turnout.
The objectionable elements of the project remain the same: density (20 units), the number of parking spaces (47), the set backs and building heights and traffic concerns have not been addressed in this modified proposal.  

The Friends of Allandale Woods strongly request that you submit your concerns tot he BRA as soon as possible before the May 5th deadline.  The links below provide some background on our position:

Thanks to everyone who came to the BRA meeting to support the Woods!