Proposed 64 Allandale Development issues

Summary of 64 Alladale Site and Proposed Project


64 Allandale St. is a two-acre (87,126 square feet) property next to Springhouse Senior Community. The site now has a single circa-1860 farmhouse and approximately 80,000 sq. ft. of natural land.   
64 Allandale is zoned for single-family homes. Under this designation (1F-8000), the minimum lot size for individual homes is 8,000 sq. ft.
Thus, at 64 Allandale, an estimated maximum 10 total single-family homes may be built within community plan rules: 9 new and 1 existing = 10 total.
87,126 sq. ft. divided by 8,000 minimum sq. ft. per lot = maximum of 10 individual lots.
After sale by the previous owner, a development proposal for 64 Allandale was submitted to the City of Boston in July 2015. The submitted proposal envisioned 20 total housing units on the site: 4 units via conversion of the existing farmhouse and 16 new townhouse units.

This proposal would require zoning variances to allow doubling density from the allowed 10 homes to 20 town-home units plus exceptions for attached units, excess height, reduced set-back and floor-area ratio.  Allandale is also a city-designated “greenway”.
Such zoning relief requires evidence of “special circumstances” at the site in question.  To date the developer has not indicated what these justifying circumstances might be.
Allandale neighbors and nearby residents and the Jamaica Hills Assoc. have agreed upon and provided the City development guidelines for 64 consistent with the existing plan.

Allandale Woods

The project is immediately adjacent to Allandale Woods. An ecologically significant City conservation area, the Woods include Bussey Brook, the restored historic Springhouse structure, forested uplands, State-protected wetlands and a very rare urban vernal pool.  The Woods support plant and animal species once abundant in Greater Boston and now dependent on such few protected natural areas as currently remain.
Allandale Woods has been assembled with much effort parcel-by-parcel over time by the City of Boston in cooperation with surrounding landowners and the Boston conservation community.  As part of conditions of approval, all recent developments bordering Allandale Woods have included conservation set asides to help maintain community quality of life and protect the natural values of Allandale Woods.  To date the 64 Allandale developer has not agreed to any similar land dedication.