Allandale Update : Nov 7 Community Meeting

As you may know, the 64 Allandale developer has prepared a modified site plan, reducing the number of units from 20 to 18.  Details of the new site plan are now available a the BPDA project site.
A third community meeting to review the modifications has been scheduled on Monday November 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Roche Community Center, 1716 Centre Street, West Roxbury.
Friends of Allandale Woods together with Allandale area neighbors and residents of Springhouse Senior Living Community prepared initial comments to BPDA in a recent letter, including a checklist of the unresolved issues for this project. As the letter details, the 2 unit reduction falls far short of the project modifications needed for development at 64 Allandale; major questions of natural resource protection, zoning compliance and sustainable development remain unresolved.
We encourage all who are able to email comments to the BPA. The public comment period for this revision ends November 14, 2016. Emails may be sent to and with the subject line “64 Allandale : Oppose BPDA Approval”. Please copy the Friends at 
The comment may be as basic as “We oppose BPDA Board Approval of the 64 Allandale development until all unresolved issues are satisfactorily addressed”.  BPDA anticipates bringing the revised agreement to its Board on November 17, 2016.

In other project updates:

  • The zoning hearing is now scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, 2016, after the developer requested a postponement in late September.
  • A recent JP Gazette article describes the parallel State of Massachusetts wetlands protection process in which residents are participating.
  • We are fully committed to participation in the City process and will take all necessary steps to see that the unresolved issues at 64 Allandale are adequately addressed.

Thank you for your the past and continued involvement, as wide community participation is an essential part of our shared efforts.