64 Allandale Zoning hearing postponed to December

As many have already learned, the 64 Allandale Street developer has requested the Zoning appeal hearing scheduled for Tuesday, September 27, 2016 be deferred. The new hearing date is Tuesday, December 13, 2016. If you haven’t had a chance to write to the ZBA yet, your concerns really matter; details are on our website.
While residents are prepared to move forward to the zoning board for final decision, we hope the developer will now use this extra time and work with neighbors to identify a plan all can support.
Leading up the hearing, the unified support for residents among our elected local leaders has been heartening. We are grateful to District Councilmember Matt O'Malley, his District 5 counterpart Tim McCarthy and Matt's At Large colleagues Ayanna Pressley, Michael Flaherty and Anissa Essabi-George - all of whom affirmed their intention to support residents at the Zoning Board. In addition, we also had the support of the local neighborhood organizations (WRNC, JPNC, LNA, WREGC) and conservation organizations (Trustees of the Reservations, Sierra Club, Mass Audubon.
Mayor Walsh's office has assisted by covening the most recent community meeting and bringing back to the Mayor an accurate description of the many serious, unresolved concerns surrounding the 64 Allandale project.  
In addition to the zoning issues, there is a parallel appeal now pending before the State Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). This appeal concerns how the Wetlands Protection Act should be applied at 64 Allandale. Residents continue to participate in MassDEP review. Our goal is to insure full protection of natural resources at Allandale Woods and on adjoining properties.  The position taken by the Boston Conservation Commission, requiring developer compliance with Wetlands Protection Act, likely also weighed into the developer's decision to postpone. 
As a result of this more than year-long process, the Friends of Allandale Woods has coalesced out of the looser network of neighbors, conservationists, and community members who enjoy the Woods and the neighborhood it anchors. We hope you have visited our website, allandalewoods.org
We held a wonderful family walk in the woods last spring and two popular tours last Fall. We have begun to plan a fall event as well. We will keep you posted of these events, including in the legal processes mentioned above, through this website.